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Welcome! I’m so glad you found me in your search for healing. My approach with counseling is Christian-based, trauma informed and narrative focusedIt takes courage to seek and welcome change that brings a fresh perspective to navigate forward and to name the obstacles that stand in the way of breaking free from the invisible impediments keeping you from truly living. Let’s do this together!

I’m Tammy, a Story Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT) practitioner as well as an ordained chaplain and Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (BCPC). I meet with clients in person at Joshua Tree Counseling and online from anywhere you areI see myself as a sojourner, collaborator, and story integrator who desires to walk with others to create space and explore what is hindering your identity, relationships and God given destiny and purpose. 

Soul care and story work integrate our stories with “God’s Grand Story.” The aim of soul care is to integrate identity with scripture, neurobiology, affect regulation, and grow attachment and relational capacity. Story work is important because our stories often need to be re-engaged to bring truth and light into places that are keeping us bound and stuck. 

  • Are you looking for the integration of counseling and your Christian faith?
  • Do you have a trauma story or feel an overwhelming sense of brokenness?
  • Is sexual brokenness limiting intimacy and relational connection?
  • Are you struggling spiritually or have you been spiritually wounded?
  • Are you in ministry or related to someone who is? Need to talk something out?
  • Are you searching for meaning and purpose?
You are meant walk in freedom and fullness of life, with a redeemed interpretation of your story both whole and holy!

You are an Image-Bearer.

The Bible tells us that we are made in God’s image (Genesis 1:27) which means our purpose is in who we are, not what we achieve. You were created by God to bear his image and you matter to him. You matter to me. I believe we are all apart of a grand story, God’s story! We are image bearers meant to connect through relationship and reflect something unique about our creator. We are meant to grow and mature but at times we feel stuck. Obstacles such as trauma (developmental, shock, physical/sexual abuse), unaddressed wounds, and brokenness can lead to underdeveloped identities or attachment and relational difficulties. 

As Dan Allender says, “God is the author of our story but He is not the author of sin” and sin has complicated our lives and caused brokenness. Each of us in on a “Journey of Becoming”….. becoming all you are meant to Be. We need others to journey with us. We need help seeing our blind spots or patterns that keep us from connecting with God, others and self.  I would be honored to help you live out who you were created to be, and to see how the threads of your story are woven into the fabric of God’s plan of creation; grace and redemption from sin; and desire for you to live eternal life with him.

Hi! I'm Tammy.

My name is Tammy Furrier, MA, BCPC and I’m a Christian counselor* in Tucson who helps people heal from trauma and spiritual brokenness using soul care Christian counseling and story integration work.

As an ordained chaplain and board certified pastoral counselor (BCPC), I approach trauma, sexual brokenness, relationships, and other mental, emotional, and spiritual struggles from a Christian, faith-based perspectiveI provide trauma-informed soul care, pastoral counseling and narrative coaching. My counseling approach centers around the belief that all people are image-bearers of God and are therefore designed to reflect something about God.

*I am an ordained minister and pastoral counselor. I am not a licensed mental health professional and do not provide psychotherapy nor do I diagnose or treat mental health disorders. 


Ordained Chaplain (FBOC)
Board Certified Pastoral Counselor (IBCC)


MA, Rehabilitation Counseling
BS, Family Studies 

Change often begins with the question, “Where are you?”

As a Soul Care provider, I see myself as a person who wants to partner with you to provide a safe and curious space – a sanctuary to discover how your soul is doing. We have all at times felt disoriented, stuck or ambivalent. These felt experiences may be due to past or present external circumstances and/or internal confusion. At first glance the problem may seem discouraging but it is also an invitation; it is an invitation to become aware of coping strategies that are not working anymore. We all have wounds, unresolved pain, brokenness, difficult relationships, trauma or underdeveloped parts of ourselves that require engaging. We can’t see ourselves and need the presence of another to witness and walk with us. The witness helps us to name the untold stories or places where we don’t have the language to do so or it feels too dark and shameful. Revisiting lost or broken places in your story may seem counterintuitive, yet this sacred ground often yields the understanding that ultimately leads to transformation. With clarity and healing you can develop a greater capacity to see the epic story and choose how you want to live and navigate your one unique life.

If story engagement, navigation and integration as an avenue to healing, growth and relationship development is something that interests you, I would love to collaborate and partner with you. Our stories have suffering and sin but they also have rescue, hope, joy, glory and blessing.

Training and Expertise

I incorporate psychodynamic education about neurobiology, attachment, family systems, affect regulation, window of tolerance, top down (cognition/thought) and use both bottom up (nervous system) counseling modalities. Science is catching up with God’s design! We know through research that our memories (explicit or implicit) and experiences not only shape our beliefs but also wire our brain and nervous system. With God’s healing power and image bearer design as well as our cooperation we can become renewed, rewired and restored.

Story-Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT)

Story-Informed Trauma Therapy (SITT) is a model based on the belief that a person’s unresolved story – and trauma of one kind or another – is at the root of the symptoms that usually lead clients to seek counseling. 

SITT a “structured, directive, phase-oriented therapy that uses a client’s chronological life story to inform, process, and resolve past childhood trauma and challenge the associated dysfunctional learning” (Kehler, 2023). 

SITT is ideal for clients who tend to struggle with avoidance, distraction, and deflection of their trauma; those who want to know where they are in the healing process throughout the journey; and those who appreciate a systematic approach to trauma therapy. 

Story-Informed Trauma Therapy:

  • provides a roadmap to recovery
  • real and sustainable healing
  • creates a safe structure for survivors

Learn more about Story-Informed Trauma Therapy.

Eye Movement Desensitization & Reprocessing (EMDR)

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing, or EMDR, has become a buzz word in the field of trauma work. As a therapeutic model, it is evidenced based and highly effective for treating PTSD and various traumas. As a pastoral counselor, I use aspects of EMDR as part of story integration work; it is used an tool and not as psychotherapy. 

EMDR is build on the theoretical framework of the adaptive information processing (AIP) model which essentially says that are brains are capable of self-healing and that when three aspects of your brain are intentionally activated together (thinking, feeling, and sensing – or prefrontal cortex, limbic system, and brainstem), we can optimize therapeutic outcomes (Brayer, 2023).

EMDR mimics the process of REM (rapid-eye movement) sleep, a sleep stage during which our eyes move rapidly back and forth, our breathing is irregular, our heart rate is increased, and we dream. REM sleep is an unconscious process; EMDR is a conscious process which uses the same general principles to reduce negative associations with memories. I love EMDR because it takes something that our brains do naturally (an innate, God-given brain process) and uses it with intention to help rewires what trauma has gotten stuck in our brains. 

If you are looking for traditional EMDR, you can learn more at the EMDR Institute, find a traditional EMDR clinician, or visit Joshua Tree Counseling.

Trauma Informed Narrative Therapy - Allender Therory

Trauma Informed Narrative Therapy is in-depth story engagement informed by neuroscience, shame research, somatic therapies, bodywork, and Christian spirituality. It is based on The Allender Theory which is ground in the belief that true healing is a journey which asks you to step courageously into your pain and harm stories so you can move from a place of cursing to blessing (Allender Center, 2023).

The Allender Theory helps clients explore their unique narratives of relationship, family, sexual development, sexual abuse, trauma, and heartache in with a trusted other who has worked on their own story before helping you with yours (Allender Center, 2023).

I am trained in The Allender Theory and have a certificate in Narrative Focused Trauma Care (Level II). The integration of The Allender Theory is central to the work I do with clients, both in that it is story work and that it aligns with my faith. As a pastoral counselor, my Christian faith is central to who I am as a counselor and story integrator.

In line with The Allender Theory, I believe that we were created for Eden and designed to live in a perfect relationship with God. However, the result of freewill, sin entered the world in Eden and we’ve been reeling from the effects ever since. But God’s love is greater than our capacity to sin and he loved us so much he set a redemptive story in motion – to save us from our sin and restore us into a right relationship with him for eternity.

The Bible is a story of love, grace, and redemption and how God loved us so much that he sent his sinless son Jesus to live among us on Earth and then to die – bearing upon him the sin of the world – and to be raised from the dead. With the same freewill he gave us which led Adam and Eve into sin, we can choose to accept the gift of grace he offers and live eternally with him in heaven.

Learn more about The Allender Center.

Other Training

  • David Drake Enhanced Narrative Coaching Course
  • Vanguard University-EDUX 8000-Understanding the Brain
  • Unwanted Sexual Behavior Guide Trained (Jay Stringer)
  • NARM informed practitioner (Dr. Laurence Heller)
  • AACC mental health coach

My Story Narrative

The Spirit of the Lord God is upon me, because the Lord has anointed me to bring good news to the afflicted; He has sent me to bind up the brokenhearted, To proclaim liberty to captives and freedom to prisoners; Isaiah 61:1

The first time I read and pondered these verses in my adult life, it resonated with my soul. The scripture began to put words and infuse hope into the unnamed places of my life. I saw how Jesus didn’t only save me from death and sin but His desire was to heal me, free me and bring goodness to me and His creation. I specifically remember asking God if I could partner with Him and bring these promises to others. The ironic bind about prayers are they are often answered differently than we anticipate. God invited me from that day forward to look at my story from His perspective and not the beliefs I developed through my experiences.

With patience and kindness, God took me on a healing journey and gave me a new lens through which to see and experience life. The journey required revisiting places in my story where I experienced the absence of good things as well as abuse and darkness. Some of it was done to me AND some I did to myself. As a result, I received healing in my woundedness AND forgiveness in my brokenness. God has done and is doing that for me and as a result I long to be a sojourner with others to find their unique identity and role in the Grand Story of God.

On a more personal note...

In case you want to know more about me… I have been married to Sean, my husband and best friend for 34 years. We have 4 delightful adult children and a two lovely daughter-in-law’s. Having 4 kids in 3 years (twins!) resulted in some crazy times. Although often overwhelming and exhausting, it was a time of sweet shelter that brought goodness and growth to the underdeveloped parts of my soul. I am living proof you can survive and enjoy parenthood. My kids helped me grow, heal and mature. I would describe myself as a lifelong learner, tenacious and lover of my family (including my “doodle” dogs, Scout and Piper).


As an ordained chaplain and pastoral counselor, I provide faith-based counseling to clients who prefer an overt Christian approach to mental health, healing and wholeness. My specialties include Christian counseling, trauma-Informed soul care, story informed trauma therapy, and narrative coaching.

  • In Person (Tucson)
  • Online (from anywhere you are)


  • Adults 18+
  • Trauma survivors
  • Pastors & ministry leaders
  • Family members of those in ministry

Focus Areas

  • Trauma 
  • Sexual abuse & brokenness
  • Spiritual wounding
  • Spiritual brokenness

Soul Care

You are Gods creation. You are a unique soul. You have a purpose. Sometimes we get disoriented. We have all experienced shattered shalom and our souls are divided (Shabar.) Soul care allows time and creates space to examine where obstacles are hindering your healing and growth.

Soul care is this process that makes room for you to discover and remember who God created you to be; a time of re-orienting so you can be assured of “Whose you are”, “who you are” and reach your God appointed destiny.

The aim of Biblical soul care counseling is to integrate identity with scripture, neurobiology, affect regulation, and grow attachment/relational capacity.

Story Work

God is the author of all stories. You are a story written by Him. We are shaped by stories. There are stories within our story that impact how we view ourselves, others and God.

Often our stories need to be re-engaged to bring truth and light into places that are keeping us bound and stuck. Sometimes we have misinterpreted our “shaping” stories, we need sojourners to guide us and allow God to bring a new perspective as well as restoration and redemption. Through this process we can learn to embrace our story to bring hope and healing to ourselves and others. With the intended purpose of living and loving in the present, participating with God in your transformation and changing the trajectory of your future.

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